21st birthdays are a gift to be hated

Man o Man. I remember my 21st birthday. I was working with a bunch of raging alcoholics at a Red Robin in college, and everyone I knew gathered to celebrate my impending entrance to manhood. Or at least, legally drinking. However, I can’t imagine being a cute young girl and working at a freakish design house in Portland when I turned 21.

Here is the video, straight from the horses mouth.


It isn’t available on YouTube, so you’ll have to click through to watch, but it’s awesome. I wish I could have been there.

Kari's 21st Birthday at Nemo

Things to do in Portland near the Convention Center

If you’re going to a conference in Portland, and are looking for what you should do after the conference sessions, then look no more. Matt King wrote up a great piece for his comrades who will be coming into the Portland RailsConf next week, and he’s laid out the law on where to eat, what to do, even where to get your significant other a nice gift. It’s a great list, and sure to be very helpful to anyone looking to know what to do while in Portland, Oregon.

His categories are:

  • Good places to eat lunch or dinner
  • Good places to eat breakfast
  • Go see a movie, and have a beer
  • Coffee Shops Galore
  • Happy Hours
  • Powell’s/Powell’s Technical Bookstore
  • Places to find gifts for your Significant Other
  • Relive the golden age of arcade games
  • See a live band

What to do in Portland while you’re at RailsConf 2007