The way eCards should be – somEEcards, when you care enough to hit send.

Damn, I’m currently in love with this site. It has a bunch of completely inappropriate stuff that is exactly what’s funny these days. Of course you want to send someone an ecard, but you don’t really want to send them some tacky crap that your grandma would send, so what do you do? You send an SOMEECARD…

Here are a few of my favorites.
Congratulations on your new baby if it was intentional.

The past month has been the best long-term relationship of my life.

I’m glad we stay mildly interested in each other’s lives.

If we were in prison, I’d help you not get raped.

I’m intimidated by your history with black guys.

Google Analytics and reinvigorate

Google Analytics is one powerful monster of analytics software, and with their new update, it’s never been easier to use and mine for data. However, that is only part of the analytics story, as many new startups are entering the arena, focusing on different strengths and models.

reinvigorate analytics

I’ve recently stumbled upon reinvigorate. It’s a snazzy system, slick graphics, Web 2.0 all over it, and free. If it wasn’t for Google’s recent update, I’m pretty sure I’d start making the migration over to this tool. Since I already have a few years worth of traffic for some older sites with Google, I probably won’t leave there (I was one of the lucky few to get an account the first day they opened it up, before the closed it up again).

But for those looking for something a little cleaner, simpler, faster to process than Google, I present to you reinvigorate.