The Beerbelly – sneaking beer into places where you shouldn’t

Are you frickin’ kidding me? This is the most amazing summation of both what is right in the world, and what is wrong with it, in perfect tandem.

beer belly

The idea is this, it’s a liquid bladder, just like a Camelback, but it sits on front of you, hanging around your mid-section, looking like a beer belly. You fill it up with beer or whatever, and sneak it into the game. No glass, no bottles, no nothing but a beer belly… or, a belly full of beer.

They claim it’s the perfect antidote to the high prices sports stadiums charge for beer, and that this can carry over a full six-pack (80 oz).

I can’t really imagine using it, but I’m sure if I had one, I would. And you bet your sweet ass I’d use this if I was still in college… Probably use it during classes in fact.


The Beer Belly

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